Garden Fest 2021

Garden fest 21.8.2021 is cancelled due to the currently developing Corona-situation.

Vaasas day of garden parties

Garden Fest, Vaasa’s day of garden parties…

Garden Fest is the day of garden and yard parties in Vaasa, held for the first time on the 1st of September 2018. Like the restaurant day or the Night of the Arts, the events are individually organised, held by either citizens or organisations. In contrast to them however we hope that people, instead of trying to visit many locations, will find or organise a party close to them, keeping the travel distances short and taking the time to get to know their neighbours.

Garden parties open to the public

Senaatinkatu table, On Senaatinkatu street

Ritz table, In the green are in the middle of Hovioikeudenpuistikko, approximate address Hovioikeudenpuistikko 7.

Map and more detailed info coming.

Anyone can organise

Anyone is welcomed to hold a garden party of their own, either open to public or just for neighbours or friends. The organiser is also free hold an event in their own style. Examples of events and program we give are picnic sit-downs, grill parties or garden games. People who choose to hold an open event are more than welcome to submit it to us, and we will put it on our map. The map is also where you can find a garden party, if one is not organised nearby. It is also good to check the party info, if the organiser requests advance sign-up or for their guests to bring something.

The idea of Garden Fest

The idea was formed in the city’s think tank “Future Vasa”, and from there Skafferiet, the association known from Ritz, has taken up the project of coordinating the day. The project is one of the first to come through the city’s experimentation culture, which invites citizens to come up with ideas that are then tried out. We of course hope that the idea takes a hold and becomes a shared tradition for Vaasa. A reason to get out and do something together. Like the Night of the Arts, but perhaps with a lower threshold for anyone to organise their own thing.  

More information

For more information, or to sign up with a party of your own, contact us on or call ‭044 700 5175‬!